Complete Draft NRC Assam Result 2018 @

The officials of the NRC Assam uses a sequentially developed pre-built method for the part NRC Assam Result. NRC Assam Final Result being uploaded on the official website Until the complete draft nrc and part draft being released.


NRC Assam Result 2018

Complete Draft NRC Assam Result 2018

Latest NRC Updates

2th July
As per the Superme Court order the Complete Draft NRC Result will be released on 30th July. Applicants need to keep patience.
28th June
Due to the recent Natural Calamity occurred in Assam, the 2nd list Draft or Complete Draft NRC will be delayed. The new date will be announced on 2nd June by Honourable Supreme Court
18th June
It is reported that the recent natural calamity flooded many of the NRC Sewa Kendras. So, the Complete draft nrc may not be released by 30th June. People are requested to keep patience.


How to Check NRC Assam Complete Draft List?

Since the recent flood caused further delay in the Second draft nrc or the Complete Draft NRC. Well, the announcement made by the honorable Supreme court that the final NRC result has been delayed and the new date was announced on 2nd July. Well, the expected release date of the complete draft nrc is pretty close. So you can follow the tutorial mentioned below to check the complete draft nrc assam result list.

  • To Check your final or Complete NRC Assam go to nrc assam official website —
  • Once you are there on the official site.
  • You will need the ARN number listed on your final nrc assam list.
  • You will now see the interface similar to this.
nrc complete result

Complete Draft NRC

  • Enter your ARN number in the box.
  • Now carefully fill the captcha form.
  • Click on submit.
  • That’s it your complete draft nrc assam result will be displayed on the page.
  • You can use the print command to get a copy of your final nrc result.

NRC ASSAM – National Register of Citizen

NRC acronym National Register of Citizens which mainly focuses on the Indian citizens belonging to Assam. A Census was conducted back in the 1951 and huge data was collected. The NRC data(National Register of Citizens) contains all the particulars of the citizens living in Assam state. The data contains belonging of the persons enumerated during the 1951 NRC census.

Post the pre-determined method, the NRC legacy data is being released and publication of part draft nrc complete NRC Result is released. After the publication

Get Yourself Enrolled into NRC Assam

To get your name included in the  NRC, there are two requirements – the person name should exist in the legacy data or any justifiable document which has been issued up to 24th March 1971, 12:00AM. The admissible documents should provide linkage to the person applying for NRC.

Application forms for get included in the NRC are to be submitted family wise to get your name added in the updated nrc. The particulars which are submitted with the NRC application form will be the basis for verification of legit details.

Process of NRC Updation

Since, I already mentioned there is a pre-planned process for the completion of the NRC. NRC is being funding by the Central Government of India and the process and decisions are being implemented by the State Government of the India.

Publication of Legacy Data

NRC Legacy Data

NRC Legacy Data

The data collected during the 1951 NRC census is being released on 27th March 2015 initially. NRC Legacy Data is available on the internet for search or it ca also be collected from the NSKs (NRC Sewa Kendras) and also available on authorized polling stations in the assam state.

Since the survey and data was collected in 1971. So, Names of only those persons will be available during the legacy data search which have been atleast 21 years of age during the 1971 NRC Data.

If you wish to look up the legacy data, you can visit their official website

Distribution of the NRC Application Forms

NRC Assam Application Form

NRC Assam Application Form

To get yourself included in the NRC Assam list, the application forms are to filled. NRC Application Forms are available on the official NRC Assam website and can also be collected from NSKs(NRC Sewa Kendras).

The house to house distribution of the application forms had been started in April 2015 which includes distribution of one form per household which houses a maximum of 6 members per form.

NRC Assam Application Verification

The candidates filled forms are then passed through a verification process. The verification process has its two parts:

Field Verification

The identity of the applicant is then verified and the establishment of the linkage with the nrc legacy data is being verified. The field verification is an essential part to get a citizens identity for the claims for the inclusion NRC Assam. The authorized

Office Verification

The documents provided with the nrc application form are to be verified by the officials as well. Validation of the documents as submitted as proof are needed for the office verification of the NRC Asssam Application.

Publication of Draft NRC

NRC Draft are as available at NRC Sewa Kendras and in the villages/wards where the application forms were provided to the applicants were available from 31th December 2017 12:00PM. The Draft NRC is also available on the official NRC Assam website

Receipt and Disposal of Claims and Objections

Applicant whose names were not included in the publishes part draft nrc can claim with a application within the specified period.

If you want to claim or have any objection, you can fill the claim as soon as the Second NRC result will be published.

Publication of Final NRC Assam Result

Nrc assam final result 2018

NRC Assam Final Result 2018

The 3rd NRC result or list publishing will be the final nrc result for 2018. The claims and objection will be considered and as soon as they will be included or rejected the final result of nrc assam will be published. The expected date of the final nrc result 2018 is 30th June 2018.